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HAARP: man-made Nikola Tesla's technology to modify weather at will

 An introduction to Nikola Tesla in his own words:

                                                              NIKOLA TESLA

Tesla present to speak. I was born in Yugoslavia in the area known as Lika, which is today located in Croatia near the border of Bosnia. My hour of birth was midnight between July 9th and 10th, 1856. My birthday has always been observed on the tenth. My parents are Serbian. My father’s name was Milutin Tesla and my mother was Georgina (Djuka) Mandic. He was a parish priest who gave his children—two boys and three girls in all—daily lessons to strengthen our memory and reason. My mother, though she lacked any formal education, memorized the musical Serbian poetry and always recited it to her children. I must confess, any inventiveness I possess I trace to her, an inventor in her own right. Perhaps my father being a distinguished clergyman and writer and poet himself, the spiritual influence of the “Man Of Justice” (as he signed his articles) undoubtedly came from him. This is to prove that I was just as human as you are now, with the same beginnings. I decided to focus my energies on developing and making practical the ideas that constantly swam through my mind. Since this is not an autobiography, I will not go into any more details about my childhood or how I grew up. The purpose of this lesson is to lay a basic foundation of how mankind can, and does, possess technology that seems like science fiction and magic, yet it existed back before the turn of the last century, in the 1880s. Also I will point out the same big banking interests and families from my day, whose heirs control my perfected inventions today. It is this technology and technology brought to earth by non-human visitors from outer space that is secretly being used by the Jewish bankers, Hitler’s UFO Battalion and the Christian element in Russia to fool the people of the world in one gigantic show-and-tell."

"Also John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan, whose son J.P. Morgan, Jr., was responsible, at the behest of 
his father, for the poisoning of my physical body, just as your previous Pope was poisoned. For many centuries in your history records, you will find that this method of gaining power, property and wealth was frequently employed by the ancient, as well as modern Jews of Khazar lineage. Morgan held fifty-one percent of my radio patents as security for loans on these government projects for the security and advancement of America.  And since he and his Rockefeller partners owned secretly the U.S. government, they made sure the people did not benefit from my inventions."

For more details of his own writings, please go to the following link:

 Haarp facilities around the world.  See picture in link below:

                                                    Haarp facility in Gakona, Alaska

For a very technical paper, see article below:

Scalar Electromagnetic Weapons and their Terrorist Use:  Immediate Strategic Aspects of the Asymmetric War on the U.S.
11 September, 2004

The above article (word file) is from this link:


More info on Haarp (please google and youtube for more info by using search words such as Haarp earthquake / haarp hurricane / etc...)


SCALAR WEAPONS: Read it and weep

By C Verismo

Excellent overview bringing together information about:

James Clerk Maxwell, Nicola Tesla, T. H. Moray, Tom Bearden, particle beam weapons, German ufos, Tanguska explosion, HAARP, Russian cosmospheres, time travel, stargates, Nazi scientists, Antarctica, Philadelphia experiment, Montauk, Pleiadians, Preston Nichols, USS Thresher, earth grid lines, Bruce Cathie, induced earthquakes, weather control, Challenger shot down, Japanese scalar weapons, disease induction, etc.


FUKUSHIMA:  Some alternate info about it.

 Jim Stone on Project Camelot Radio with Kerry Cassidy - March 28th, 2012 - Inside Fukushima


Weather modification, hearings before the Subcommittee on Communication and Power ... 90-1, on H.R. 9219, H.J. Res. 688, October 31; November 7, 1967


Weather modification  - - - - A COVERT WEAPON OF MASS DESTRUCTION

Operation Sandy  (December 1, 2012) 
(New York & East Coast destruction)
Sandy was not a natural disaster. No,  it was created by the U. S. Chemtrails Air Force and by those at the highest positions in the government who command it.

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